Students' Praise.

Lani Ford

Billy has an enormous amount of patience and he helps break things down so they make complete sense.  I feel like a much stronger guitarist in just a few lessons.  His ability to learn any song on the spot, then teach it to you, is just amazing!

Delaney Kriegshauser

When I began my lessons with Billy I was skeptical that I would ever learn. Billy has an enthusiasm for the guitar that is effusive. He is patient and comical. Our sessions are tailored to my goals. Without his encouragement and talent for teaching I would not have ventured as far as I have.

Jessica Wohlgemuth

When I got my guitar I considered trying to teach myself to play, but I'm so glad I decided to take lessons from Billy instead! It was really helpful having him in front of me to correct my form, and I never would have gotten his tricks for making transitions easier from YouTube. Plus, his endless patience and encouragement has made me a much more confident player. He clearly loves the guitar and wants his students to feel the same, and that makes him a great teacher!

Shuber Naranjo

Billy has been an excellent teacher. I am very comfortable with my guitar when he is around. His teaching technique is very easy to follow and I really like knowing that I can play all these different chords now that were so difficult for me before. Thank you Billy for your patience and your dedication in teaching me to rock on!

Ken Wemm

I met Billy through Living Social and it was my best purchase ever. He is skilled, friendly, patient, and inspiring. I had a book-and-DVD learn to play guitar system but it didn't work. Billy made all the difference not only in my ability to play but also my desire. Most highly recommended!

Frederick Buchanan

Thanks, Billy, for being the teacher who finally got me through the first stage of learning to play guitar. And to all you future students of Billy's, I want you to know that he has the wonderful quality of being able to adapt his lessons to the beginner's interests. He recognizes motivation and knows how to keep it alive.

C.J. Tondo

Billy Redfield is a great guitar teacher. I use to not know how to play the guitar, but since I had Billy, he helped me a lot, and I learned Landslide, Heart of Gold, Redemption Song, and Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and scales.

I feel I have become a better guitarist because of him. He is also always on time and has a very flexible schedule. Billy made me love to play the guitar!

Andrew Conte Jr.

I taught myself to play a few chords on the guitar years ago but I was never any good at. My guitar sat idle for many years until I decided to get more serious about playing and started searching for an instructor in the city. And that’s when I found Billy. And I’m glad I did. He has been great to learn from. He pays attention to every detail, is knowledgeable and patient. His ability to adapt the day’s lesson difficulty to my specific skill level has helped me learn at a pace that works for me. He’s been extremely flexible in scheduling sessions and is prepared each time. It’s been a great experience and worth every cent!

Dale Anderson

Billy is exactly what I was seeking in a guitar teacher. He brings a great mix of experience, guidance, example and encouragement. I feel I have become a more accomplished guitarist with Billy's guidance.


Billy Redfield is a singer & songwriter in New York City. His song “Die For You” received an honorable mention in the International Songwriting Competition.Through Fame Cast, Redfield won the grand prize in an international talent competition. His talents have been applauded by local media including the Baltimore Sun and nationwide in the popular American Songwriter Magazine. His catalog consists of original songs, and he continues to write new songs about love, hope, and the pursuit of happiness. To learn more about Billy’s musical accomplishments visit